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Bio Sculpture Gel & Nail Art Price List

Evo Oxygenating Gel is self-leveling, gives flexible support that prevents nail-plate injury or damage and lasts up to 3 weeks or longer with a long-lasting high gloss finish.

Evo Base is a Medical Grade Formulation infused with Vitamin A and Vitamin E that migrates to the nail surface after curing. The Evo Oxygenating Gel system is fully compatible with the original Bio Sculpture Gel system.


Bio Sculpture Gel is the only nail system with a 5 STAR RATING that is 100% Vegan. No primers, bonders, odours or excessive buffing. With Bio Sculpture Gel, nails remain healthy and undamaged.

Bio Sculpture is a tailored nail care solution suitable for any nail type, is strong and flexible with a non-chip finish. Nails can be repaired, lengthened, corrected and shaped, lasting up to 3 weeks. Bio Sculpture has more than 150 curable colours that soaks off easily.

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